The goal of the Glucomodul Project is to design a Plugin Interface for Applications which want to communicate with Glucometers. This Plugin Interface is used similiar to the one of XMMS, so there will be one share object file for each Glucometer Family. Another goal is also to achieve that compatibility is always given, also when the Plugin uses a newer version of the Glucomodul Plugin Standard the Application trying to use it should @ least return that the plugin is of a newer version. Of course, the App must have backwards compatibility.

Plugin Interface Version: 1
Available Plugins:
  • OneTouch Ultra
  • Reference Plugin
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    However, this page might be obsolete, so visit the Sourceforge Project Page regularly.

    Developer Information:
    If you want to join the Glucomodul Development and to code a module yourself, than just download the Reference Plugin. It is something comparable to a SDK, you only have to change some things and to fill it with your code.
    Please mind to join the Glucomodul Mailinglist.